CZI Conversion

Converting CZI to JPG is not usefull. What is needed is conversion to OME-TIFF, TIFF or PNG. Sometime JPG is OK, but only for creatimg presentations in most cases. For real measurments this is hardly used at all and therefore not useful inside workflows.

@sebastian.rhode what about the Image Conversion module ID 6203ee1d-dbca-44fb-8ed4-65546e1b0fc6 I used the Bioformats CLI and tested it with multiple file-formats (uint16 to JPG is not supported yet).

It writes out the conversion as individual files depending on the dimensionality of the image <name>_<series>_Z<Z>_C<C>_T<t>.<ext> and a tarball with the archive.

I have a Fiji based converter that uses BioFormats to read CZI and converts it to OME- TIFF. I hope I find the time to convert it into a module soon.

No need for that! is pretty much done :slight_smile: take a look here