Generic Plot Module first use

Hi there,
I was trying to get my own version of “Hello World” running by creating a simple CSV-file and then trying to plot it using the Generic Plot module. The csv-load works fine (through wither cloud storage saved file or my own web server), but the GenericPlot wants a different type of input. So not a “real” csv-file, but maybe the actual csv values instead? Do I need to write a module to actually take the file and convert it into JSON-stored values instead?
Or is there another solution simpler to get a web-stored CSV-file plotted?

This is my very first experience with Capta Astra, so please be patient with me :slight_smile:

Addendum: One of the sample workflows shows a Generic Plot version of 1.1.1, which includes a file list as well as just a “single” file. But I can only select the latest version 2, which does not offer the single file input anymore. Any ideas how to get my single file into this module anyways?


Hi Claus,
welcome to the platform, and sorry for the long delay.

I haven’t used the Generic Plot module in this way yet but from what I understand the module was designed to take input in the form similar to this


and you should be able to use multiple rows but I need to look into this myself and will let the creator of the module know also, so he can reply.

For your second question, you can select older version of this module that still allow a single file as input.
You need to open the workflow editor on the lower endof the Module card you see the version a little gear and a “i” symbol --> click on the “i” in the window that opens you see again the version number in the white box --> click on the box and you will see a list of versions --> select e.g 1.0.0 and hit apply.

Another module that can plot CSV files is this one

Here you need a csv file including a “header in the first line”. You will get a html file that you can also dowload.
This HTML file is interactive and allows you to select which columns of your CSV file you want to plot vs. each other.

Hope that helps, and let us know if you have more questions.