Mitochondria Segmentation

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Hi, I’m new to APEER (a very fine IA platform, thumbs up, keep on doing this great job). Has anyone some experience with Mitochondria Segmentation module, its description is (too) concise. What images are used as input electron microscopy fluorescence (a sort of Mitotracker)? Why is this segmentation specific to mitochondria, e.g. are specific structures such as inner and outer membranes cristae separately segmented and quantified? Thanks a lot for some guidelines.

Thank you for the compliments. We are always working very hard to make it even better.
This module was created during a coding competition in India. The description of the module is indeed a bit short. Since then we have improved our submission guidelines.
If I remember correctly, the module works best with stained images (unfortunately no EM). It was trained on a limited data set only containing mitochondria. Unfortunately, I don’t know about know about the segmentation details.

From Team APEER