Release Notes, Major Update 30.10.2018

Platform Updates
Dear APEER user, this month we are happy to announce some major features for you.

Major Features

  • You can now share your results quickly with anybody you choose, just hit the “Share” button on the results page and create a public link
  • You can now share your private modules with other users on APEER without making them public first. Hit the “Mange Shares” button on the module details page to add other APEER users and allow them the use your module
  • You can now use a rich text editor to format you module and workflow descriptions, add links to additional documentation and more.
  • The new “My files” tab is available in “My Workspace” here you can upload new files, view or delete your files on APEER
  • Workflow runner now adapts to smaller screen sizes

Minor Features

  • You now have access to the lates blog articles on the APEER frontpage
  • Accesstoken lifetime is extended
  • Worfklowrunner speed is improved
  • Backendimprovements for the content admins
  • multiple bugfixes